This Friday, Genre will make history by releasing their first tangible recording, The Weepy Omelette EP, to the world. Join them at the Rogue, alongside the General Electric, Treasurefruit and Sun Ghost! Doors at 9, $5.

Be sure to check out our special sale while at the show! Buy our awesome “Old Mate” tee and get the EP for free!

Genre plays for Pizza and Hot Wings!

Hi everyone.

I hope all are enjoying this fantastical weather, feeling the great vibes of planet earth, and striving to do right and just things always.

genre is playing a show on friday!

Yep, its with a band called tugboat! its their residency! week 2 baby!

great work guys, ¬†and its going to be a great rock ‘n’ rollin time for all!

Its at your favorite place to eat food and drink, Long Wongs of Tempe! (Apache and Mcclintock)

Its free, so, as they say, no excuses.

see ya there, all the info can be found on this little flyer!

sike! i uploaded it to be as big as possible!


got ya.


corey gmez.

genre emerges!


It’s been awhile.

We hope you are ready, and we know you will be.

Be sure to join us, our friends DUMPSTER FIRE (from Tucson!) and the snails at THE YUCCA TAP ROOM, Tuesday, September 20th, at 930pm! Its free! Its love! Its you! And its me.

We made some awesome t-shirts! Come see our new T-shirts! We love T-shirts, especially ours. You have to come see them in person. No online pics allowed.

You feelin’ this? Feel it! See ya Tuesday!

An Excellent Genre Summer!

As fungust draws to a close, I would like to share some mems of the summer with with you, from us. And now, the recounting begins!


zac camping

zac went camping.

kyle went skateboarding.

justin wore this shirt again!

4th of july was fun.

spent some time in the pool.

visited the lost dutchmans quite regularly.

we tried to look at things differently, use our brains.

even kyle got in on the fun!

We had fun with our friend Manny, at the Rogue Bar (and Yucca Tap Room).


and saw a spectacular view!


it was a pretty good summer.

dont forget to join us for PEACHCAKE!

its on Saturday, 9/27/11 at The Rogue Bar, lots of fun acts, dancing, art, and the like!


see ya there!

exciting things!

oh my goodness! so many good things are on the horizon!

we like to be secretive so i won’t say much else other than keep an eye on our bandcamp and also to clear your calendars for october 28!

oh, and be sure to head to the rogue this saturday to rock the night away when we open for the last PEACHCAKE residency show!

in truth and universal light,


we have press!

hello everyone!

we have wonderful news for you! we have press!

the first item is a short video created by super stereo’s own STATZ in a series called statz days! enjoy a brief interview with justin and zac and sneak a peek at some steamy behind-the-scenes footage! see what REALLY goes on at genre HQ when the cameras AREN’T rolling!

the second item is an article in the illustrious the new times about our august 5 show at brick! thanks to writer nicki escudero!

the third and final item is an article from the sounds around town music site! here you’ll find a review of our performance at the peachcake EP release show, as well as a video of that night’s rendition of “haunted.” thanks to mitchell hillman!

check the shows page – august is PACKED with GENRE!